klilia99: Um. This is a drawing of Gamzee. Yay. I fail at describing things. Just as much as I do at socializing. (gamzee)

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I'm Kaley and I'm obsessed with Homestuck. So if you don't like Homestuck you might not like me since that's practically all I talk about, haha! My OTP is Gamzee <3 Tavros and I love it to death. Another thing I love to death is just plain Gamzee. Damn do I love that clown.
I do have some other fandoms of course though. Namely Supernatural, Sherlock, Dangan Ronpa, The Legend of Zelda, OFF, and a few others.
I am horrible at socializing. I don't any have people skills. At all. Which sucks because I love making friends. It'd be great if I could succeed in doing so, but I can't. Haha.
Don't be afraid to try to talk to me though, I'd probably be really happy if someone started up a conversation!
..I'd just end up not knowing what to say and ruining it, most likely.
I'm new to this website so I don't really know how it works? What is it? Help?

So, uh, yeah. That's me. How do I end this? Do I say bye?
Bye, then..
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